Funko Mystery Box with 6 Funko Pops, No Duplicates, 2 Will be Exclusive POPS!



Each box contains 6 Funko Pops, no duplicates. TWO of the pops will be exclusive Pops. These can include convention exclusives, store exclusives, and collector box exclusives.

Please have reasonable expectations of this item. You probably won’t find a $100 Pop! You might though… it’s a mystery!
2 of the Pops! will be “Exclusives” – “Exclusive” is not equivalent to “Chase” but “Chase” is an “Exclusive” therefor you may receive a “Chase” as one of the “Exclusives” but you will not necessarily receive a “Chase”
The Pops! should be in better than Good condition. “Mint” condition is not guaranteed. It’s probable but some boxes may have minor flaws.
Mystery boxes shipped from Amazon Fulfillment might not be shipped in a Shipping Box. Therefore you should select “Ship in Amazon packaging” while checking out. The Seller can’t control this, this is Amazon’s decision to not protect the product unless you tell them to
Shop with Confidence, this item is returnable.