Gravel Slag w/ Boulder Mobile (2017 NYCC 2000pcs Exclusive): Fun ko Dorbz Ridez Vinyl Figure Bundle with 1 Compatible Theme Trading Card [#038 / 21653]



This bundle includes the main item and one randomly inserted trading card compatible with the theme of the figure (may be inside the product packaging). There’s a chance to receive a valuable rare card! If you return this item, the trading card must be returned.
The wildly popular vinyl figure maker is bringing some brand new adorable series to covet! This line of vinyl figures opts for exquisite coloring design over sculpt, these pint-sized rascals will weasel their way into your heart as surely as they’ll find their way onto your shelf!
The Ridez spinoff series takes the best of this line of figures and gives it a fun ride to the ultimate vinyl heaven. Each figure stands at ~3″ tall and comes in window-box packaging to fully display each character through front and back box panels! (NOTE: Due to each figure’s unqiue design, the actual height of the figure may be shorter or taller than 3″)
For ages 15+