Funko Pop! Deluxe, Marvel: Avengers Assemble Series – Iron Man, Amazon Exclusive, Figure 1 of 6 & Pop! Marvel: Avengers Game – Iron Man (Stark Tech Suit), Multicolor



Product 1: The Marvel Avengers assemble series is a brand-new Initiative from Funko, exclusively available on . The Funko Pop! Deluxe Avengers Assemble series will feature 6 brand new unique figures, starting with Tony Stark himself, Iron Man.
Product 1: This series will capture the iconic moment from the first Avengers movie, where the team circles up, and assembles for the first time. Each figure will nest perfectly into the next, eventually forming a dynamic 12-inch diameter Set piece, with 6 total figures.
Product 1: These figures feature a level of detail not captured by the original line of Funko pop! Made for the first Avengers movie. The next figure in the series will be shown and announced when the previous figure begins shipping.
Product 1: Each figure will be available for individual purchase, as they are announced. Figures will continue to be announced and made available throughout 2020.
Product 2: Age Mfg Minimum: 72.0 Months