FAQ Funko Pop

As of 2023, Funko has released roughly 8,366 POP! designs. They range anywhere from movies to rock stars. If you want to start your collection, it’s best to check the Funko website for all the latest releases. These numbers of Funko Pop! vinyl collectibles are approximate:
Animation/Anime: 1192
Broadway Theater: 14
Advertising Icons: 142
Basketball: 123
Hockey: 78
Comic Books: 14
Disney: 1222
DC Comics: 36
Marvel: 1217
Video Games: 857
National Icons: 67
Racing/NASCAR: 14
Television: 1260
VHS Covers: 5
Movies: 1259
Christmas: 4
Star Wars: 300
Rock Stars: 267


If you are planning on reselling a rare Pop, don’t open the box. If you are going to play with the Funko Pop, then by all means have fun with it. Most collectors do not want the box opened and look for the seal.

There is nothing inside a Funko Pop other than darkness and air. Don’t believe what you see on TikTok, those videos are heavily edited. Besides, cutting open a Funko Pop is dangerous and you could be hurt. Here is a video about whats inside a Pop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiNlq6ilzaM

You can check our top 10 funko pop page. You can also tell if a Funko Pop is rare by the number produced and where the Pops were sold. If the Pop was sold at a convention, there are likely less than 500 made, therefore making them rare.

Some Funko Pops just smell like plastic or rubber. While others were given a special scent. Those scented Funko Pops that have a scent include: Strawberry Shortcake 131, Strawberry Shortcake 133, Strawberry Shortcake 134, Strawberry Shortcake 135, Swamp Thing and Stinkor to name a few.

This method is for out-of-the box collectors. You will need a pan of very hot water and a pan of ice cold water. Dip the feet in hot water for 15 seconds, Quickly place them in the position you want them to stand and place them in cold water. You can watch this video for a demonstration of how to keep your Funko Pops from falling over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27GtwUs4WyY

Most websites have price guides for Funko Pops. A majority of prices differ from website to website. If you’re collecting Pops, it’s best to go with an average price and reduce by 10%. Example: If there are 3 Pops ranging in price from $110, $100 & $90, the average price of that Pop would be $100 ($110+$100+$90/3). Now take the average and reduce by 10%. So for this example a good price of the Pop would be $90 ($100*10%=$90)

Mostly at ComicCon, Funko Pop meetups and on auction websites selling Funko Pops. But only buy from trusted online sellers. Be sure to check reviews.