One More Funko Pop, Please?

Funko Pop Price Guide & Collectibles

Love collecting Funko Pops or just getting started? Find out what makes a Funko Pop rare and worth upwards of $1000 or more. When you know how to identify rare and valuable Pops is where you start to collect only ones made at low production and often Chase Pop Vinyl.

What Are the Rarest 10 Funko Pop Figures?

  1. Metallic Blue Genie 2013 ~ Approximate Value: $725
  2. Silver Superman ~ Approximate Value: $750
  3. Metallic Blue Batman ~ Approximate Value: $800
  4. Metallic Batgirl ~ Approximate Value: $800
  5. Planet Arlia Vegeta ~ Approximate Value: $825
  6. Green Lantern (Glow in the Dark) – Approx Value: $1150
  7. Loki – The Avengers 2012 – Approximate Value: $1200
  8. Star Wars Shadow Trooper 2011 – Approx Value: $1500
  9. Silver Batman 2015 – Approximate Value: $1600
  10. Dumbo – Clown Face in Gold – Approx Value: $2500
Super Rare Pops Pricing

Have a look through this massive Funko Pop price guide to shop and get started building your collection. The amount of different categories for Funko Pops is staggering. So if you’re into music, arts, movies, TV shows, animation, or sports there’s a ‘Pop for everyone. You can even make your own Funko Pop!

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