Funko Pop! Games: Halo Infinite Collectors Set – 3 Figures: Grunt Conscript Plasmo Pistol Spartan Mark V [B] Blue Sword (Possible Red Sword Chase Variant) 6″ Super Pop! Escharum Gravity Axe


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This 3 Figure Collector’s Set features your favorite Halo Infinite characters. Grunt, MarkV and Escharum.
Grunt Conscript With Plasma Pistol figure stands 3.75″ tall.
Spartan MarkV [B] With Energy Sword: comes with a 1 in 6 chance of getting a chase variant. Figure stand 3.75″ tall.
Escharum with Gravity Axe is a Super Pop! standing 6″ tall.
Each figure comes individually packaged. POP! Vinyl Figures are ideal for all fans! Collect them all.