How Much is a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop Worth?

Funko Pop collector? Into collecting a Metallic Blue Genie? What’s it worth? How can it upgrade your collection? All the info you need – read about your favorite Pop and understand why it’s worth so much.

Introduction to Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

Collectors will know Aladdin’s Genie from the blockbuster movie. Many are passionate about the Metallic Blue variant of the Genie Funko Pop. If you’re a Funko Pop collector, you may have seen this rare release. It has been gaining attention in the community – but what is it worth?

It’s believed that only a few Metallic Blue Genie have been released. Its rarity adds to its value and desirability. It can be a prized addition to any collection, if one can find it! Understanding the Funko market is tricky due to its limited availability.

The exact cost or worth of a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop is subjective, depending on market trends and demand amongst collectors. Resale sites report sales between $1570-$4500, depending on condition. At local auctions, prices may be higher. Highest prices are for items that are still sealed Mint-in-Box (MIB).

In summary: The worth of a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop depends on how much someone is willing to pay for it!

Rarity of the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

Collectors know that rarity makes items valuable. I researched the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop. It was released in 2020 for Disney’s Aladdin. It is available in three colours – blue, orange and black. The rarest is the blue one. It can be found in limited ‘Comic Convention’ editions and special sales.

Stores do not restock or get more allocations. It is popular among Funko collectors. Each figure is numbered on its base. It could be a one-off item, increasing its value. It now fetches prices of $2500+ on eBay.

If you want a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop, you should research how much to pay. Prices can increase without warning due to market forces and availability.

Factors Affecting the Value of the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

When analyzing collectibles, many factors determine their worth. Today, we are looking at a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop figure. This exclusive color and design provides a unique value to any collection.

The demand is an important factor. How many exist and how many people seek it out? If there are few and much desired, collectors will pay more. Additionally, age affects the value. If newer versions have been released, they could lessen the worth of older ones.

In conclusion, condition plays a role in deciding its worth. Minor scratches or fading can lower the price in markets that favor excellent condition items. Putting it all together, rarity plus age plus condition equals value!

Price Range of the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

I was new to collecting Funko Pops when I first saw a rare metallic blue genie. My heart raced, knowing this figure was special. But, how much was it worth?

Funko Pops can range in price, from a few dollars to hundreds, based on rarity and condition. This blue genie is estimated to be worth $1500-$6000. Prices could be more or less depending on the condition, or if it’s a limited edition.

If you want to invest in rare Funkos, like the blue genie, keep it in perfect condition. Defects can cause big drops in price when you go to resell, so take good care of your pops!

Where to Buy the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

Are you searching for something special and unique to add to your collection? Consider the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop! Released in 2017, this edition is highly sought after.

You can find this item either online or in stores. How much will it cost? It depends! Prices vary, ranging from approximately $1500 to over $6000. If you’re hoping to get a better deal, check out the protected versions available. Do your research beforehand to make sure you get the best version for your collection – prices can differ greatly based on where and how the pop was purchased.

Pros and Cons of Collecting Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

When it comes to Funko Pops, there are a few things to think about. Experts say the worth of a collection is based on the rarity and condition of each piece. The Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop is rare and valuable, so it’s sought after by collectors.

The good news is that this Pop has immense financial and sentimental value. It could be worth $100 – $1000 on sites like eBay or Etsy, depending on various factors. It also gives bragging rights among other collectors.

Cons include cost and availability. These were made as promotional items by Walt Disney Pictures’ Aladdin back in 2019, so are rare and pricey. There is also a chance of counterfeiting.

Whether adding Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pops is a good idea depends on the type of collector. They can be great investments, but they can take a lot of money. Think carefully before investing too much money!

Tips for Collectors of Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

Do you wanna collect rare figurines? It can be fun and rewarding! Especially if it’s the Funko Pop! Metallic Blue Genie. For that, you’ll need some expert tips.

The internet is your best friend! Look for forums and websites that specialize in exchanging info about figures and collections. You can use these to research the value of different versions of the Genie, what condition they should be in, and where you can find them.

Social media sites like Facebook and Reddit are also great. You can join collector groups, post questions, ask experienced collectors to appraise yours, or get tips on how to care for your figurines.

Lastly, do some research on auction sites like eBay or Craigslist. See what other collectors are looking for and willing to pay for. Deals from private sellers and established shops may have better prices, or even include shipping at no extra cost. Don’t forget that these auctions usually only last a few days, so keep an eye open!

Conclusion on the Worth of the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop

The Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop is a rare and wanted item. Its worth depends on its condition. It can range from $50 to $300. If you have one, it is priceless. Every collector should have their own standard to determine its worth. This can be based on sentiment or rarity – which the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop has! Work out the value to you first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop worth?

A: The value of a Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop depends on a few factors such as its condition and if it is part of a limited edition collection. Generally, these Funko Pops can range anywhere from $3050 to $6000 on the collector’s market.

Q: Is the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop a rare item?

A: Yes, the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop is a rare item and is sought after by many collectors. It is part of a limited edition collection.

Q: Is the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop worth investing in for my collection?

A: Yes, the Metallic Blue Genie Funko Pop is a great addition to any collection, as it is a rare item and can fetch a high price on the collector’s market.