How Much is a Rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop Worth?

You’re a collector and you’ve heard about a rare Blue Metallic Batman Funko Pop. But how much does it cost? You’ll find out in this article, with all the information about this valuable collectors item. Get ready to geek out!

Introduction: An Overview of the Rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop

As a collector of rare and unique items, I know how difficult it can be to find a rare Funko Pop – especially when it’s a limited edition item such as the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop.

This sought-after collectible is a highly valuable item in the world of Pop culture, and is often sought after by serious collectors alike.

When it comes to the cost of this rare Funko Pop, there is no definite price tag due to its fluctuating value over time. This makes determining an accurate price more difficult, as there are many factors at play such as condition, geographical location and availability – all of which need to be taken into consideration. Additionally, considering the rarity and collectability of this item has driven up its market value considerably in recent years – making it one of the most expensive Pops available on the market.

The average price for a mint condition Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop ranges from $500-$1000 USD depending on buyer demand and location with some collections being sold for substantially higher sums. As always, many sellers are looking to maximize profits from their sale and will mark up items accordingly – particularly if they have been restored or have special features that make them unique. Although selling it for more money than recommended may not make them any fans among fellow collectors – these prices are usually pretty reasonable considering how hard this rare Pops can be to come by!

History of Funko Pop Collectibles

Funko Pop is a line of vinyl collectible figurines produced by Funko, an American company. It started in 1978 when Mike Becker created the original company, which specialized in nostalgic merchandise and had a strong cult following.Since then, it has grown exponentially and now offers products from major franchises such as Harry Potter, Disney, Game of Thrones and Marvel, as well as its own line of characters.

The iconic Funko Pop figures are made from a recognizable mix of materials including vinyl, resin and plastic. They often feature a large head or oversized eyes on small bodies with vibrant colors. Pop collectors love them for their detailed sculpts and unique designs that make them stand out among other figurines.

Pop culture fans have flocked to collect these unique figurines over the years and rare models can sell for high sums on the secondary market – such as the Blue Metallic Batman (version A) model which sold online or through collectors at an astonishing $20 000 USD! Whether you are looking for a fun addition to your collection or an investment piece – with prices like that on some rare models – it pays to know where you can find what you’re looking for!

Collecting Rare Funko Pops: What to Look For

Collecting rare Funko Pops can be an exciting endeavor, and prices vary depending on the rarity of the Pop figure. Before jumping into collecting Funko Pops, it’s important to understand what makes them special. While regular or limited-edition Funko Pops are easy to come by and often reasonably priced, rare Pops can be much more expensive investments.

When it comes to exclusive rarities, the most sought-after collectibles in the world of Funko Pops are known as “Chase” figures. These Chase variants usually feature a regular figure slightly adapted from its original design – changing its color or face style. For example, a Chase version of Batman may appear blue instead of black or with a metallic finish instead of matte paint. These figurines also have extremely low production rates compared to other limited-edition models. As such, they carry some of the highest prices in the Funko Pop market.

A particular example and one that is currently very popular amongst collectors is a rare Batman Blue Metallic figure produced exclusively for San Diego Comic Con 2019. It’s estimated that this particular Pop will go at approximately $1,500 – $2,000 due to its exclusivity and limited numbers made available through retail vendors such as specialized collectors’ shops or auction sites like eBay.

When shopping for any rare collectible item – including special edition Funko Pops – it’s important to do your research first! Make sure you’re aware if you’re dealing with an authorized vendor and familiarize yourself with current market values before making a purchase you may later regret!

The Rarity of the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop

Finding a Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop isn’t as easy as it can be for other funkos. The reasons why it’s rarer than average is due to its limited production and varying costs. It was first announced in November 2016 and released in April 2017, and since then, the demand for it has grown. Because of its limited availability, it can often come with a price tag that reflects its rarity.

With that said, if you do manage to find a Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop, you can expect to pay anything from $100-250 USD depending on their condition. Prices typically vary according to their condition and how long they’ve been available on the market. This range reflects the fact that they are collectors items meaning they’re more likely to increase in value over time.

Due to the demand for these figures, anyone looking for one should anticipate both time and expense when sourcing one for their collection since once sold out, new stock may not come around again any time soon. Whether you decide to purchase this rare collectible or not ultimately depends on how important owning one is for your collection – but however much you decide to spend, know that paying big money for these figures is an investment of sorts – because if taken care of properly, those prices could keep going up!

The Appraisal Value of the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop

As an avid collector, I know the extreme value of rare items associated with the Batman franchise. The Blue Metallic Batman Funko Pop has proven to be a highly desirable collectible for its rarity and iconic character representation. After extensive research, I have been able to gain insight into the true value of this item as a collector’s item as well as a worthwhile investment.

This particular Funko Pop is quite rare, estimated at one of 300 made available globally when released in 2013. At that time it was reportedly selling for approximately $200 US dollars. Over the years since its release, it is valued at over five times that amount today. Prices may vary depending on condition and whether or not it still has its original box or not but you can expect to pay anywhere from $800-$1,500 US dollars.

However, collectors should note that prices may be subject to fluctuation as demand rises and falls amongst fellow collectors and will depend heavily on its availability in a market with often only just a handful of items up for sale. As with all investments related to collecting memorabilia and merchandise related to comic book franchises such as Batman, purchasers should bear in mind logistical issues such as storage and security if making a financial commitment towards adding this item to their collection.

Where to Buy the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop

The original Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop, released in 2017 and one of the rarest Funko Pop figurines to collectors worldwide, can be hard to find and quite expensive. Here are some tips on where you can buy this rare item.

One reliable source is online bidding sites, such as eBay and other similar websites. Occasionally, people will list the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop for auction with a starting bid as high as $400-500 USD. Some auctions provide more competitive bids though, so it pays to watch the listings closely and make your bid when you see a deal.

Also be sure to check online stores such as Amazon and Walmart for listings of the rare piece that occasionally pop up from independent sellers or specialized toy shops around the world. As with bids on bidding sites, it’s best to stay vigilant if there’s a particular figure you’re looking for—sometimes these listings come up with surprisingly low prices from mysterious sources!

Finally, brick-and-mortar collectibles stores may occasionally have a few coveted pieces like this one in stock due to their limited availability from new releases or by acquiring them from secondhand shops or private sellers. If you happen to be near such a store it can’t hurt to stop in and ask about any recent acquisitions—you might just get lucky enough to snag one of these prized figs at an exponentially lower cost than you might expect!

Caring for Your Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop

If you are lucky enough to own a rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop, you know it is a special collectors item worthy of proper care. Here are some tips for keeping your Pop in top condition and protecting its value:

  1. Store your Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop in its original box with original packaging as much as possible, away from extreme temperatures and excessive light.
  2. Handle it gently – avoid dropping it and try not to bend or scratch the surface.
  3. Keep an inventory of your collection by taking pictures or writing down where each item is located so the values can be tracked over time.
  4. Cleaning your Pop should only be done with specific cleaning solutions designed for delicate collectibles and use always on a very soft cloth to prevent scuffing or scratching the surface.
  5. Store each piece in an acid-free container surrounded by packaging that won’t damage the item when moved or stored, such as bubble wrap and tissue paper. To reduce static electricity from damaging the paint job, either wrap the item in dryer sheets or place our Funko Pops® into protective bags like multiple ones produced by premium brands like Ultra PRO 2 Mil Sleeves or Envypak Polyester Sleeve Packaging Bags.

Final Thoughts on the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop

The Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop is highly collectable, and its rarity makes it a desirable item for either serious collectors or casual fans. Prices can range from around fifty to upwards of one hundred dollars depending on the condition, age and packaging of the toy itself.

When purchasing this limited-edition item, be sure to inspect for damage and verify authenticity through trustworthy sources. Additionally, if you are planning on adding the Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop to your collection, make sure you have an area where you can safely store it such as a dust-resistant shelf or display case. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to pay extra for a mint example of this rare and unique toy: after all, it’s an investment that could prove valuable in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop cost?

A: A rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop can cost anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the condition and whether it is a limited edition or a collector’s item.

Q: Where can I find a rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop?

A: You can find a rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop at online stores such as eBay, Amazon, and other online collectibles stores. You can also find them at local comic book stores and conventions.

Q: Is the rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop worth the money?

A: Yes, the rare Batman Blue Metallic Funko Pop is worth the money if you’re a collector or a fan of Batman. It is a limited edition and a collector’s item, so it is a great investment for any Batman fan.

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