How Much is a Dumbo Gold Funko Pop Worth?

Do you collect Funko Pops? Puzzling about the worth of the limited edition Dumbo Gold Funko Pop? We’ve got you covered! Here, you’ll discover all the essential facts on its cost. Don’t miss your chance to add it to your collection!

Introduction to Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

The Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is a must-have item from this popular collectible line. It was released in 2018 and since then, it has gotten harder to find. This rarity has driven up its price and made it an attractive item for collectors and investors.

It was made as a limited edition piece with only 500 produced. Thus, it was in-demand when it first came out and the demand has only grown since then. Its standard retail price is $75 USD, but its popularity and rarity have caused some auction listings to be priced up to double or even three times as much.

Owners of the Dumbo Gold Funko Pop can anticipate their collection piece to retain or increase in value. It’s a great choice for both casual fans and hardcore collectors!

Rarity of Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

I’m a Funko Pop collector, so I wondered about the rarity of the Gold Dumbo Pop when it was first released. After researching, I can confirm it is a highly sought after and rare item. The retail price for the gold figure is usually around $100 USD. On eBay, it’s likely to be more, depending on its condition. If it’s still in its unopened box, expect to pay more than $100 USD. Don’t purchase if the listing claims ‘brand new’, ‘still sealed’ or ‘never opened’ at lower than retail prices – they could be scams, repaints or bootlegs.

Due to its rarity, the Gold Dumbo Pop figure can be hard to find, even online. So, if you’re a collector trying to get one or a set, you may end up paying thousands!

The Cost of Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

The Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is a treasured collectible. It was released in limited numbers, with only 500 estimated to be sold worldwide. This makes it highly sought-after and valuable.

If you can find one for sale, it can cost anywhere from $200 USD to $500 USD. The price varies depending on condition and packaging. It can also rise due to low supply and high demand.

You’re unlikely to find it in stores or online unless the seller knows its value. So, it’s important to research before buying. Investing without knowing its value could be risky!

Where to Buy Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

Do you love Disney and collecting Funko Pops? Then you’ll want to get your hands on the Dumbo Gold Pop! It has special features that make it stand out from the rest.

People are always looking for this item, so it’s in limited supply. You might find it at comic or entertainment stores, but they might not have a current inventory. You can also check out collectible stores like eBay and Amazon, or specialty toy stores with vintage figures.

Prices vary depending on availability and condition. Before making a purchase, it’s best to get advice from experts and collectors. Research the price range ahead of time so you know what to expect!

Collecting Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

Collecting Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is an exciting hobby! Researching the rarity of each piece and its availability on the market is essential. Pieces which are rarer may have a higher price tag. Knowing how limited edition variants impact current price trends is key. Funko Pops fluctuate in value over time. Keep up with trends to predict their worth.

Popular guides like “The Official Funko Pop Price Guide”, plus eBay auctions, provide insight into today’s market prices.

Care and Maintenance of Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

Collectors of the rare Dumbo Gold Funko Pop must take special precautions to preserve its value. Store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and humidity. Protective cases are recommended to guard against dust, dirt or accidental knocks. Cleaning should be done with air pressure tools. If water gets on the collectible surface, dry it off with a soft cloth. Take it out and give it fresh air occasionally, as odors may stick to it if left undisturbed for too long.

Caring for your Dumbo Gold Funko Pop will help maintain its value, and bring immense pride!

The Value of Dumbo Gold Funko Pop

The Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is a highly sought-after collectible. It was released in limited numbers, making it rare. Rarity is prized amongst collectors, and this affects its worth. So, its worth can range from $100 – $3,500, depending on condition and packaging.

To get an accurate appraisal, seek a price guide. These services are free and updated regularly with new transactions. Consulting these guides will ensure you get the best deal for your Dumbo Gold Funko Pop!


It’s hard to put a price on a Dumbo Gold Funko Pop. The cost can range from $30 for an opened box to over $2,000 for a rare one in mint condition. If you find one that fits your budget, it’s worth buying. It’ll add to your collection and could increase in value.

Make sure you can afford it and that others can’t snatch it away! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much is a Dumbo Gold Funko Pop Worth?

A1: A Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is worth around $500 USD, depending on its condition, as it is a rare item in the collection.

Q2: Is the Dumbo Gold Funko Pop Rare?

A2: Yes, the Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is a rare item in the collection and is therefore highly sought after.

Q3: Is it Worth Collecting the Dumbo Gold Funko Pop?

A3: Yes, the Dumbo Gold Funko Pop is worth collecting due to its rarity and the potential it has to increase in value over time.