What Are Rare Funko Pop Collectibles Worth Today?

Are you considering investing in rare Funko Pops? It’s essential to know what these collectibles are worth today! From plush Metallic Blue Genie to genius Loki and sweet Dumbo, this article will cover the hottest most valuable rare Funko Pop collectibles on the market. You’ll be surprised at their worth!

Introduction: What Are Rare Funko Pop Collectibles Worth Today?

As any collector will tell you, Funko Pops are all the rage these days. People love having a little piece of a beloved character in their room, on their shelves or even on their desks. But there are a lot of rare Funko Pop collectibles out there that can be worth a lot more than the standard ones you find in most stores.

So, if you’re looking to invest in some rare Funko Pop collectibles, what should you look for? Some of the most sought after rare pops include Metallic Blue Genie, Metallic Batgirl, Green Lantern, Loki, Silver Batman and Dumbo. Additionally, metallic blue Batman and green metallic Batman also have higher values than regular editions.

Many of these rare Funko Pop characters will go up in value over time depending on availability and demand. If you’re looking to buy or trade Pop figures in order to make a profit down the line, it’s important to research average selling prices and assess the chances of a particular version becoming even more valuable over the years.

A Look at the Most Valuable Funko Pop Collectibles

As a Funko Pop collector, you know the thrill of the hunt, and what it’s like to stumble upon a rare Funko Pop that no one else has. With their bright colors and playful designs, sometimes it’s hard not to just buy every Funko Pop you come across! But if you really want to capture those admiring glances (and raise your collection above all others), then you’d better have your wallet ready for some of the most valuable Funko Pops in existence.

Let’s take a look at some of these rare gems and just how much they are worth today:

  • Metallic Blue Genie – Straight from Disney’s classic 1992 film Aladdin comes this Metallic Blue Genie, which is valued at around $900 for its original release.
  • Metallic Batgirl – Batman doesn’t get all the fame—Batgirl gets some too! In her metallic blue outfit she’s valued at around $350.
  • Green Lantern – This is especially popular because it combines two different versions in one collectible that was only released in Europe or Canada. Currently valued at around $250.
  • Loki – Adored by Marvel fans everywhere, Loki’s figure depicting his form from The Dark World can also be found with a special coin and is currently worth around $217.
  • Silver Batman – In 2017, this metallic version of Batman made his debut as an exclusive character of Barnes & Noble and is currently valued at anywhere between $100 and $185 depending on condition.
  • Dumbo – This always cute character is specially valuable because it brings an element of nostalgia from Disney’s 1941 animated classic film having only been released on 2019 Disneyland Park’s grand opening anniversary celebration worth over $120 dollars today!
  • Blue Metallic Batman – Valued over 100 dollars for its sought after color combination of blue/metallic black originally released as a Gamestop exclusive still makes one of the most desirable pops to seek out!

No matter which rarities you’re looking for or how much they may be worth today, there will always be room in any collection for more enchanting Funko Pops ready to join your shelf!

Metallic Blue Genie – A Rare and Valuable Collectible

As a Funko Pop collector, you may have heard of the highly sought-after and rare Metallic Blue Genie Pop Vinyl. It was released in 2015 as part of the Aladdin collection and has since become one of the most sought-after Pops in the collecting community. Its eye-catching blue color and special glimmer make it an exceptionally rare collectible.

The Metallic Blue Genie can be distinguished from other Genie pops by its vibrant blue color, along with its sparkling metallic luster. The detailing is exquisite, making it one of the most unique rare pops on the market today. Due to its limited production, it is complicated to come across one in excellent condition, which adds to its overall value. The average price for this figurine ranges from around $150 to $300 depending on condition and extras (variants such as a singing animation version).

While this Genie pop is not as rare or valuable as other Funko Pops such as Metallic Batgirl or Green Lantern, it’s still highly sought after due to its uniqueness and beauty. If you happen upon an affordable example of a Metallic Blue Genie Pop Vinyl figure, it would be wise for any collector to snatch up this special piece for their collection!

Metallic Batgirl – Another Rare and Valuable Collectible

As a collector of Funko Pop figurines, I was delighted to come across the Batgirl Metallic figure from the 2019 Batman 80th anniversary series. These figurines were only available for a short period of time and were produced in limited edition, making them incredibly rare and sought after among collectors.

This figurine is a perfect example of why these collectibles have become so popular – it features precise sculpt detail and vibrant paint applications. The depiction of Batgirl in metallic blue resplendently standing beside Batman captures all the classic elements fans know and love, while providing a unique new variant never before seen. One look at this figurine and it’s easy to see why this is a must-have item for any fan or collector of Funko Pop figures.

This figurine is not only very rare, but also highly valuable – it often sells for hundreds of dollars or more! It is one of many sought-after figures from this series, including:

  • Metallic Blue Genie from Aladdin
  • Green Lantern from Justice League
  • Loki from Avengers Endgame
  • Silver Batman from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
  • Dumbo (Metallic Blue Batman) from Dumbo Series 2

Collectors are always on the lookout for these rare figures with every new release – after all, who doesn’t love discovering an incredibly rare piece that could become a prized possession?

Green Lantern – Another Collectible Worth Knowing About

Green Lantern is a metallic blue variant of the Funko Pop featured in the DC Universe. This figure captures actor Ryan Reynolds as he appeared in the 2011 action movie. As a result, this super-heroic Funko Pop is a must-have for any DC fans out there!

This variant commanded an impressive price tag when released, making it a relatively rare Funko Pop and one worth looking out for. Today, you can find it on various second-hand marketplaces like eBay and Amazon but it is not as common as it once was. For example, a Green Lantern figure that has been kept in good condition can fetch prices between $30 to $80 depending on how well preserved it is. They are also highly sought after by collectors as they come with an extra “chrome” effect which makes them even more unique.

If you are lucky enough to come across an original Green Lantern figure, make sure to grab it while you can!

Loki – A Rare and Unique Collectible

Loki, the villain from the Marvel movies, may be one of the most sought-after Funko Pop collectible figures. He was released as a standard-edition figure in 2015 and then as a rare metallic blue version in 2018. This ultra-rare figure has been known to change hands at prices well into the four-figure range. Another similar metallic version is of Batgirl – she usually goes for around $300 -$400, depending on condition and availability.

Fans of DC super heroes can add to their collections with a metallic version of Green Lantern. These limited-edition figures tend to go for around $100+ (prices vary). Another iconic comic book character – Batman – can also be found in this exclusive line; a very stylish silver variation is particularly sought after – these have been known to sell for up to $200+, again depending on condition.

More brightly colored figures from the world of Disney include Dumbo and Metallic Blue Batman from The Incredibles 2 – two truly exciting collectibles which are sure to draw attention in any collection or display cabinet! Prices for these start at around $75+.

Silver Batman – An Iconic and Valuable Collectible

Silver Batman is one of the more iconic and valuable Funko Pop collectibles in the market today. Produced in 2019, this version of Funko Pop’s Batman is a figure of a limited edition set – each figure with unique models and colorways. There were two variants – regular silver and metallic blue. Both versions feature Bruce Wayne wearing his silver costume, inspired by the artwork of Jim Lee in his 2021 comic book run.

The Silver Batman Pop stands out for its sleek and eye-catching color scheme, which features blue and silver finishes combined with classic black accents from the Dark Knight’s symbol. Part of what makes it so special is that this edition was only produced for a short period of time. Consequently, collectors who are lucky enough to find it reap huge rewards from their investment as this rare pop can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! If you happen to be lucky enough to come across either a regular silver or metallic blue version it would be wise to scoop one up before they disappear!

Other famously rare pops include:

  • Metallic Blue Genie
  • Metallic Batgirl
  • Green Lantern
  • Loki
  • Dumbo – though all are immensely hard to find nowadays; let alone at an affordable price!

Dumbo and Metallic Blue Batman – Two More Valuable Collectibles

If you happen to own a Metallic Blue Genie, Metallic Batgirl or Green Lantern Funko Pops, you are in luck! These items are worth a pretty penny. However, if you’re curious about other rare Funko Pop collectibles and their values on the market today, it’s still a good idea to research their current estimated worth.

Two of the latest and hottest rare collectibles include Dumbo and Metallic Blue Batman. Dumbo is a limited edition figure with an estimated worth of $166. This classic character is dressed in his signature blue outfit with large ears that make for truly unique display pieces. Fans of Disney should consider this rare Funko because it will surely become more valuable as time passes.

Meanwhile, Batman fans need to look no further than into the Pop collection of Silver Batman and Metallics Blue Batman figures for another valuable collector’s item. Silver Batman figures have an estimated worth ranging from $240-$369 depending on condition. The Metallics Blue Batman figure features intricately detailed costumes in two different colorways – blue or red – and can be sold for upwards of $329 due to its limited supply and rarity.

Though researching setting prices takes some dedication, it’s all a part of the thrill that comes with collecting rare Funko Pop figures! Collectors should remember that rarity isn’t the only factor when seeking valuable pops – things like mint condition can increase the demand and potential resell value as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are rare Funko Pop collectibles worth today?

A1: The value of rare Funko Pop collectibles can vary greatly depending on the Pop and its condition. Some of the rarest Funko Pops currently include the Metallic Blue Genie, Metallic Batgirl, Green Lantern, Loki, Silver Batman, Dumbo, and Metallic Blue Batman.

Q2: How can I find out the value of my rare Funko Pop collectibles?

A2: If you would like to find out the value of your rare Funko Pop collectibles, you can search online for their estimated value. There are a variety of websites that can provide you with an estimated value for your Funko Pops.

Q3: What should I look for when determining the value of my rare Funko Pop collectibles?

A3: When determining the value of your rare Funko Pop collectibles, you should consider factors such as its condition, the year it was made, and its rarity.

  1. Metallic Blue Genie 2013 ~ worth more than the regular blue Pop and was released at the San Diego Comic Con with only 480 released. Approximate Value: $725
  2. Silver Superman ~ Approximate Value: $0
  3. Metallic Blue Batman ~ Approximate Value: $0
  4. Metallic Batgirl ~ Approximate Value: $0
  5. Planet Arlia Vegeta ~ Approximate Value: $0
  6. Green Lantern (Glow in the Dark) – Approximate Value: $0
  7. Loki – The Avengers 2012 – Approximate Value: $0
  8. Star Wars Shadow Trooper 2011 – Approximate Value: $0
  9. Silver Batman 2015 – Approximate Value: $0
  10. Dumbo – Clown Face in Gold – Approximate Value: $0