10 Best Funko Pop Protectors for Your Money

Are you looking for the perfect way to keep your beloved Funko Pop figures safe from sunlight, dust, fingerprints and other wear and tear? You’re in luck! We’ve reviewed the 10 best Funko Pop protectors on the market, so you can make an informed decision and preserve your Pop collection for years to come. So read on, your grails will thank you!

What is the best Protector for Funko Pops?

When it comes to all the various Funko Pop toys and action figures that are available, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what type of protector you should use in order to keep your collection safe. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know exactly which pop protectors would be best for your money. To help you out, we’ve rounded up an overview of the 10 best Funko Pop protectors currently available so you can find the perfect fit for your collection!

What to look for in a Funko Pop protector case:

  • Pop protector must be stackable
  • Protectors must be UV and impact resistant
  • Made of thick, durable plastic
  • Have a sealed bottom
  • Have a molded lid to make getting the Funko Pop box out of the casing
  • Should be affordable! We spend a lot on our hard to find Pops – we also need to give our Pops the protection they deserve

Pop protectors are designed specifically for Funko Pop collectors and come in a range of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate even the most delicate items. The best option is usually a tight-fitting clear plastic sleeve or box with a snug closure that ensures no dust or debris will get in. For extra protection against scrapes, scratches and other damage, many collectors choose a pop protector that also offers cushioning around the edges as well as shock-resistant material inside and out.

The type of materials used can also determine how effective your protector is at safeguarding your investment; plastic may scratch or yellow over time, while rigid acrylic is virtually unbreakable and clear enough for visibility without dulling colors on display. One of the better hard pop cases comes from PopHardCase.ca

Last but not least, read online reviews from genuine buyers before committing to any one protector. This ensure that you’re getting a quality protective sleeve or display case at an affordable price!

How much do pop protectors cost?

Some Pop protectors are cheaply made, where you can buy 80 clear plastic protectors for less than $100. While the clear hard cases generally start at $16 each.

You have to be certain that the advertisement states what kind of case it is. We have noticed some sellers use pictures from other manufacturers, so be n the lookout for the terms “Clear Plastic” and “Clear Hard Case”. The two are completely different. “Clear Plastic” is flimsy plastic case, much like what something is sold in. But, the “Clear Hard Case” is exactly that: a hard plastic case – can be stackable, have a molded fit and be a better investment for your Pop grail.

Regardless of what you can afford and the style & size you need, there’s sure to be something suitable here, so read on & discover what just might be the perfect fit for your Funko Pop collection!

Are Funko Pop Protectors worth It?

Are Funko Pop Protectors really worth it? Well, it all depends. If you’re an avid Funko Pop collector, then the answer is a resounding yes! Having the right protector can help keep your Funko Pops safe and secure. With durable and affordable options available, you can find one that fits both your style and budget.

When searching for a cheap Funko Pop protector, look over the materials used in its construction; some protectors feature premium acrylic or safety-tempered glass that is scratch-resistant and shatterproof for optimal durability. The other factor to consider is size – make sure to select one that fits your collection perfectly by considering height as well as width.

Additionally, pay attention to closure mechanisms like zips or Velcro straps to ensure that your figures are properly secured inside the case.

Finally, there are several specialty collectors who opt for custom designs made from luxurious vegan leather or velvet-lined trays with embossed logos on them – these types of cases may come with a higher price tag but will provide additional protection for your most precious figures. So if you have a few extra dollars lying around and would like an extra layer of security for your prized collection then perhaps invest in one of these customized cases instead!

Ultimately, whatever type of Funko Pop protector you decide on – just remember that its primary function should be to keep your Funko Pop safe while still making them look good!

Should Funko Pops Be Kept in The Box?

When it comes to collecting Funko Pop toys, many collectors wonder if storing them in the box is really the best option. After all, it can be difficult to find a good display spot for your entire collection, and the boxes themselves can start to look worn out over time. The answer is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for storing Funko Pops. It’s important to take into account factors like age, condition, and availability when choosing how to preserve your collectibles.

One of the most popular methods of storing Funko Pops is investing in acrylic or plastic protector cases. These cases come in various sizes and styles, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. These cases are designed to keep dust and wear away from the delicate vinyl figures while also providing protection against physical damage such as scratches or cracks. Best of all, these cases allow collectors to keep the pops in their original packaging while still displaying them proudly on shelves or in glass display cases.

For storage purposes only though, Funko Pop boxes are just fine as long as you practice some common-sense precautions. Consider the following:

  • Make sure they’re stored upright so they don’t get smashed (or better yet individually wrapped!)
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight which could cause fading over time.
  • Get high-quality archival protective sleeves for your boxes once you’ve opened them up.
  • Never store any Funko Pop figures outside their original containers.

How to Properly Store Your Funko Pop

Storing your Funko Pop with the proper care is essential for preserving its mint condition. To ensure your Pop’s long-term look and worth, you want to invest in an appropriate storage solution that will withstand the test of time. Thankfully, there are numerous Funko Pop protectors available on the market today to help keep your treasures safe.

One of the most popular ways to store a Funko Pop is by using a vinyl protector box or sleeve. These cases not only protect against dust and debris but can also help protect against termites, mold, and other potentially damaging elements. These boxes come in all shape sizes and ranges of material; however, thicker vinyl lids are typically more effective when storing your figure for longer periods of time as they offer greater protection than thinner sleeves.

Another option is by using plastic display cases or stands which can provide better dust protection than regular boxes and even have little transparent doors that close so you can see what’s inside without needing to open it up. While these cases may help ward off dust particles from settling on your prized possessions, be warned that they could affect the brightness or vibrancy of the painted colors over time so caution should be exercised when using these styles of storage solutions for extended amounts of time.

Ultimately, no matter what type of Funko Pop Protection you decide to use for storing your precious collectibles, just make sure it fits properly and isn’t too tight but still be able to provide sufficient protection against outside elements like dust or pests! Doing this will ensure that you can enjoy your figures as they were intended – looking beautiful and pristine!

Will a Funko Pop Protector Get Damaged with Sunlight?

When it comes to Funko Pop vinyl protectors, there are many questions that need answers. One of the most important questions to ask is whether a Funko Pop protector will be damaged by sunlight. The short answer is “yes,” a Funko Pop protector can get damaged with too much exposure to UV light. But as with anything else, there are measures that can be taken to prevent this from happening and even prolong the life span of your precious collection.

When deciding on which Funko Pop protector to purchase, you should look for one that has reliable UV protection as one of its features. Protectors made of thick plastic or vinyl are ideal as they will have better shielding from the sun’s rays than those made with thin materials such as paper or cardboard. Additionally, air-tight covers provide added protection against discoloration and other forms of damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

In addition to ultra-violet protection, look for a Funko pop protector with clear sides so that your collection remains visible despite being in protective storage. This way you don’t have to worry about your collectibles being hidden from view when placing them in bags and boxes!

Use these guidelines when choosing your next pop protector and get ready for a worry-free enjoyably collecting experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best Funko Pop Protectors for my money?

A: The best Funko Pop Protectors for your money are the BCW Deluxe Vinyl Record Sleeves, the Funko Protectors Soft Wall Protector, the Funko Pop Protector 4-Pack, the Mylites2 4 Mil Thick Standard Size Sleeves, and the Mylites2 4-Mil Magnetic Thick Sleeves.

Q: How much is a clear plastic Pop protector?

A: Clear plastic protectors are cheap and cost approximately $3 each when buying in bulk. While hard plastic protectors may cost from $16 and up to $30.

Q: What are the benefits of using Funko Pop Protectors?

A: Funko Pop Protectors help to keep your Funko Pop collection safe and protected from dust, dirt, and damage. They also help to preserve the condition of your collection, increase its shelf life, and add value to it.

Q: How much do Funko Pop Protectors cost?

A: Prices of Funko Pop Protectors vary depending on the type and size of the protector. Generally, they range from $5 to $15.